Our Producers

Our producers all come from within a 50 mile radius of Hexham which means that we get stallholders from Northumberland, County Durham, Cumbria, Newcastle and Gateshead and even from North Yorkshire. All our producers sign up to our rules which are periodically reviewed and updated.

Our producers are passionate about what they do. They all know their products and would be very happy to talk to you about them.  Our farmers can tell you about their farms and their stock and on occasion some might not be able to come to the market, or arrive a bit late, because they are lambing or calving.  Because we are a producer market, you can be sure that the products you buy will be fresh and from a source you can trust.

We allow new producers to try the market as a guest for a number of markets. If they decide that they’d like to come on a regular basis, they make a formal application.  Hexham Markets Market Ltd. then organises an inspection visit to their premises so that we have an understanding of where and how they work. It also gives us an opportunity to look at their records and see the production processes (where possible).

Hallsford Farm


Hallsford Farm is near carlisle in Cumbria.  Andrew and Helen Tomkins supply top quality Shorthorn beef, Llanwenog lamb and pork from traditional breeds suited to their environment. The production is not forced and as a result the product has real flavour. Hallsford beef is hung for a minimum of three weeks and  the lamb for […]

Hexham Country Market


Hexham Country Market is a cooperative of individuals who have a stall together. Everyone involved lives in the Tyne Valley and they are all separately registered with the County Council’s Environmental Health office.  They produce a wide variety of products including jams, marmalades, cakes and biscuits. They’ll also have occasional fruit and vegetables, and plants […]

Mawbray Cheese Company

Adrian of the Mawbray Cheese Company does an amazing array of cheeses, all made on the Solway Plain on the west side of Carlisle.  You can find pour more about their range of products here.

Miss Sharman’s Woollens

We’re delighted that Lizzie Kathiravel of Miss Sharman’s Woollens has joined us as a regular producers. She had been with us as a guest since February 2018.  Based in the North Tyne Valley, Lizzie get most of her wool from local producers which she turns into a fabulous range of hand-produced products like shawls and […]

Muckle Brewing


Tom and Nicola Smith run their micro brewery just to the south of Haltwhistle from a specially build brew house in their garden.  They produce an amazing range of beers and ales with names inspired by the Northumberland landscape around them.

Murphy’s Kitchen

Elaine and Paul Murphy have been coming as guests for a few weeks. They produce pies which mostly include locally produced meats and are based in East Northumberland.