Mushrooms from coffee!

We’re delighted that we’ll be joined on Saturday 11 August by the YMCA from Newcsatle with a new product for the market. They have set up a social entreprise which uses coffee waste from cafes in the city and turn it into high value oyster mushrooms. In the process they are not just producing a product but they are also training and employing young people. A win-win for all! You can find more about the business here .

The market on Saturday 11 August 2018 starts at 9am and finishes at 2pm. You can find us in the Market Place in the historic heart of Hexham.

Buttercup comes to market

Carron of Middlemay Lamb brought her dairy cow Buttercup to the market on at the end of July. Buttercup gives children (and adults!) an opportunity to have a go at hand milking, which is a real skill. If you didn’t get to see her, we’ll try and let you know about Buttercup’s next appearance via our social media pages.

Cut flowers from Northumberland

We delighted that we will have cut flowers from Northumberland at the market on Saturday 28 July 2018. Kate Kirsopp-Reed and her sister grow their flowers near Otterburn in the Rede Valley, a challenging place to be growing flowers! They will be trying the market as a guest.

Rede Valley Flower’s stall at the market

Products with personality

This Tim Foxall spatula clearly has a personality. Hope it found a new home!

Music livens up the market

We’re always keen to have people play music at the market and you will have noticed that we had Cream Tees from Barnard Castle playing with us on the last market in May.  They were in Hexhan for the Hexham Gathering and we were pleased the young people were able to join us for a slot too.  None of us knew that the Market place would be reverberating with the sound of drumming for an hour between 11 and 12!

Fortunately there was enough time for Cream Tees to give us a portion of their repertoire,  once the drums fell silent.

We’re delighted that Jack Famelton, a young Northumbrian piper will join us on the first market in June.

New flyer now available

Do you get confused about the dates for Hexham Farmers’ Market?  To help you remember we do a flyer with the dates for the farmers’ market about every six months and we have just published the flyer for Summer 2018. It gives the dates between the end of April and the beginning of October 2018.  During this time the farmers’ market runs between 9am and 2pm, our summer hours.

You will be able to down load the flyer from our Market Dates page and we’ll have printed copies available on the market itself from 14 April 2018 onwards.  We also try and get some to the Tourist Information Point in the Queen’s Hall. If you run a tourism business and would like to be able to give up to date information about the market to your guests, please get in touch via the contact page on this website or by emailing the market manager on and we’ll be happy to send some out.